Studio Visit

Here’s all the information you’ll need to know for your Eipxus Studio Visit.

Studio Phone #: 407-476-0381

Google Maps Link:

Google Maps

33 E. Robinson St
Suite 216
Orlando, FL 32801

There is free parking on the corner of Orange and Robinson at an abandoned gas station (it sounds worse than it is)
Free Parking at Eipxus Studios






If the lot is full, there is paid parking behind the building. It’s a little trickier to get to. You have to turn left on Mcguire, make the loop, and come back. Pay as soon as you park – they tow, and tow often.









Once parked, head to the front of 33 E Robinson St, and go into the small foyer. There you will see a metallic call box. 

33 E Robinson Eipxus Digital Production






We are listed under Eipxus, so press the A button until our name comes up. Then, press the Call button.

Eipxus Call Box






We’ll buzz you in, and you’ll enter through the door on the right of the call box.

Once inside, take the hallway on your left. There is an elevator about half way down the hall way.

Eipxus Studios Eipxus Studios Eipxus Studios











Once you’re on the second floor, you’re going to go thru the 3rd door way on the right. The first is an office, then you’ll pass to rest rooms, and then a common area that you’ll walk through.

Eipxus Studios Eipxus Studios






After passing through the common area, you’ll turn to the left. We’re the 1st office on the left.

Eipxus Studios Eipxus Studios







Eipxus Studios