The Eipxus Report – Orlando Content Development

There’s a new Content Development studio in Orlando, and we’re doing things a bit differently than most.

EIPXUS - Digital Content ProductionAt the end of every day here at the Epixus Studios, I do a recap of the days activities. What worked well, what didn’t work well, what needs to be tweaked, which of my customers needs some additional advertising done, how the Podcasts for the day went… the list gets pretty involved. Then, at the end of every week, we do a full weekly recap of everything from the week and how it performed. That helps us understand what’s going on with our customers and also helps us plan for the weekend and upcoming week.

In a previous article, I mentioned that there’s no guess work to Social Media. The same holds true for our Production Studio. There’s no guess work, it’s all planned out using the same approach I use for content development. I analyze the results of the existing work and tweak where needed. 

Facebook Ads Work Wonderfully Well If They’re Set Up Correctly

I love running Facebook campaigns for myself and customers. Understanding how to set up Facebook Ads is the difference in a successful campaign and a complete waste of money. While I won’t go into details here on exactly how I set them up, I will say that it’s a combination of recommendations from some of the leading experts in Facebook Marketing (those people never tell you their exact methods either!). 

Looking at the results of some of the Facebook Campaigns this week, all the stats are up over 200% (which is really good!), and customers are happy.

I also did a very unusual Facebook Campaign with some interesting results. It was a single day, $5.00 campaign that targeted a very specific niche of people of Facebook. The campaign required them to follow a link and then fill out a form. Each of those leads was worth, at a minimum, $100. I’m pleased to say that in the single day, over 1,000 people were reached, out of those, 26 followed the link (not the best ratio, but it’s acceptable). Out of the 26 leads collected, 20 converted to a sale. So we ended up with 2% overall success rate, however that $5 translated into well over $5,000 in business. A staggering 100,000% ROI. Not bad for a 24 hour Facebook Advertisement.

Voice Over Recording Premieres In Online Video

Orlando Audio Recording StudioOrlando Audio Recording StudioA very talented customer of ours recorded about 2 hours of Voice Over work about a week ago, and this week the video was released to the general public. We’re quite happy with the end result, and are looking forward to next VO Session for this series. You can check that out here. Give him a “Thumbs up” on that video while you’re at it!

We’re also starting to book Podcast Recordings here at the Studio. If you’re interested in that, there some more information here for you to check out. We can’t wait to share some of the creative goodness that will be flowing through our walls here.

Original, Analytics Based Content Development

Our approach to content development based on analytics is continuing to prove successful. Using available tools, systems, and applications, we’re able to discern in real time not only how site visitors arrived at our customers’ websites, but exactly what search terms they used to find us. Furthermore, we’re able to tell what potential customers are searching for even if they don’t visit one of our customers’ websites. By using both of those branches of analytics (and some others), we create original keyword rich content that does extremely well in Organic SERP.

There Is So Much More To Come

We’ve been in the studio space one week now, and are still getting adjusted to the new space and wonderful neighbors that we have (they really are wonderful, by the way). As such, we are eager to grow and produce new and interesting content for our customers as we continue to strive to provide the best in class service for them. 

There’s room for you! We’d love to speak to you about your content needs – video, photo, audio, or written word. Just give us a call at 407-476-0381 or drop us an email at